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Santa Claus Figurine

Santa’s Favorite Cookies

I own a wide array of Santa collectibles. As I took them out of storage this year, one special one that reflects my love of cooking and baking made me wonder… What is Santa’s favorite cookie?

I own a wide array of Santa collectibles. Part of my annual holiday tradition is arranging the Santas I’ve accumulated over the years with my holiday decorations. I’ve collected Santas in many forms for a long time – I have Santa figurines, stuffed Santas, unique handcrafted versions and more. I even have a Santa candle snuffer! Friends and family have often given them to me as gifts, and they know the pleasure I take each year in reminiscing about each of them. As I took them out of storage this year, one special one that reflects my love of cooking and baking made me wonder… What is Santa’s favorite cookie?


Each child who has a stocking hung up on Christmas Eve has ideas of cookies to leave for Santa to munch on as he fills stockings to the brim with wonderful treasures. We have several suggestions as to which cookies might be Santa’s favorites.


Here are our top 5 ideas:


1. Simple Santa Cut-Outs – Cut-outs can sometimes be more involved to make, but here is an easy idea and one that is a picture of Santa himself. Cut out cookie dough, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. After baking the cookies, decorate them with sugars, candy, coconut and glaze. But, first turn the heart so the tip of the heart is the top of Santa’s hat. I think Santa will have a chuckle when he sees this cookie.




2. Holiday Candy Cookie Bites – Number two on the list of Santa’s favorite cookies is Holiday Candy Cookie Bites, which is a holiday version of the year-round favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Instead of traditional chocolate chips, these cookies are studded with red and green candies and white baking chips. There will be no doubt in Santa’s mind that this cookie is a favorite.




3. Chocolate Holiday Cookies – Put the name of each person in your family on one of these chocolate shortbread cookies. It will be like a bite of chocolate from each person to Santa. Including a cookie from each person will be very special. Remember to include one with Santa’s name, too.




4. Vanilla Glazed Snow Cookies –Visions of sugarplums will dance in Santa’s head when you include one or two of these Vanilla Glazed Snow Cookies. This cookie is a softer, cake-like cookie, glazed with white frosting, then sprinkled with a variety of crushed peppermint candies or decorator candies.




5. Peanut Blossom Cookies –It seems everyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling when you mention the name Peanut Blossoms. Milk chocolate candy perched atop a peanut butter cookie is a classic combination. Just like Santa, this cookie has been a favorite for years. And it goes so well with a glass of milk.




A few of each of these cookies will please Santa when he comes to fill stockings at your house. The next morning only crumbs will remain.


Which cookies do you like to leave for Santa on the holiday eve?



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