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Packing cookies in tub

How to Pack Cookies for Mailing

If there’s one time of year when cookies rule, it’s the holiday season. When you’re mailing cookies to far-away friends or family, you’ll need to take extra care to make sure the cookies don’t crumble before they arrive.

blog_image by Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen

blog_image by Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen

From special moments like graduations and birthdays to holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas, sending a cookie care package to those you love is a great way to show you care. Make sure your special delivery arrives in mint condition with these recommendations from our Test Kitchen. From suggested cookies to send to tips on how to properly pack them, sending cookies in the mail is easier than you think with these helpful tips:

Which cookies mail the best?

  • Bar, drop or dried fruit cookies can withstand mailing without much damage. Cranberry Orange Cookies are a tasty, festive cookie to send.

2020 df retail cranberry orange cookies 17272

  • Cookies with hard textures, like biscotti and shortbreads ship well. Chocolate chip cookies and gingersnaps are also great options. Crisp Chocolate Chip Shortbread combine two of those favorites and is great choice for mailing.

2020 df retail crisp chocolate chip shortbread 17168
2020 df retail kids favorite butter cookies 18781 v1
2020 df retail dark chocolate mint sandwich cookies 17986
2020 df retail german chocolate sandwich cookies 18296

What Cookies Not to Mail

  • Cookies that require refrigeration, like cheesecake bars should be avoided. It gets complicated to ensure cold foods stay cold during shipping.

  • Fragile cookies are more likely to fall apart when mailed. Delicate cookies like madeleines or blossom cookies tend to break apart no matter how carefully you package them.

How to Package Cookies for Mailing

  1. Use a durable, rigid box or empty tin as a mailing container. Place bubble wrap in the bottom of the container, then line the container with aluminum foil or plastic food wrap that is large enough to wrap over the cookies when the container is full. We also like to put Caramel Puff Corn into little bags and use it like packing peanuts–delicious and functional.

    2020 df retail caramel puff corn 17829

  2. Wrap four to six cookies of the same size together in aluminum foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags. Double-wrap cookies if shipping more than one kind or flavor, so the flavors don’t blend.

  3. Don’t pack crisp and soft cookies together. By the time the cookies arive at their destination, the crisp cookies won’t be as crisp anymore.

  4. Place the heaviest cookies on the bottom of the container and layer the wrapped cookies with crumpled paper toweling or holiday tissue paper around them–but do not overstuff or under-pack the cookies. Put bubble wrap over the cookies. Then bring the lengths of aluminum foil or plastic food wrap up and over the contents.

  5. Pack the tin or container in a heavy cardboard box that is large enough to allow two inches of cushion between the container and the box. Place a large amount of packing material–bubble wrap, shipping peanuts or popcorn–between the container and box.

  6. Seal the container with freezer, plastic or adhesive tape. Mark the package “Perishable Food” and/or “Fragile.” (Not “Irresistibly Yummy, Delicious Cookies,” to avoid tempting the willpower of the delivery person.)

    2020 df retail packing cookies for mailing gif

Delivering Cookie Gifts 

  • Allow enough time so your package won’t be left sitting in a post office or mailroom over a weekend. Use an express mail service if time is short or you want to be sure that your cookies will arrive intact.

  • Be aware of temperature differences. If sending to or from a warm climate, remember that nut brittles and foods containing chocolate may melt before delivery. Overnight delivery may be your best choice.

Do you have other tips regarding mailing cookies? Please share your ideas to help other bakers as they plan for the big holiday cookie send-off.

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